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I’ve lived here for seven years and didn’t know that

There’s a chimney on the building across from me that smokes all day and all night

And I wouldn’t have known had it not been for this bone dry cold

Not a drop of moisture in the air and every wisp of breath made visible

You couldn't whisper a secret to a friend without the whole world seeing.

Now, I’ve lived here my entire life

And I didn’t know

That there’s a place in me that will take, and take, and take

And I wouldn’t have known had it not been for this cut off disowning lack

Or I don’t know what I’d call it

A river run dry?

Dammed up?

Stopped up?


In any case, it doesn’t flow towards me

It’s a turned back awaiting a friendly tap

Ah this is a lie

It was a favor extended so long

That wouldn’t be renewed and wouldn’t be called upon

It was a natural end to unnatural irrational support and love

More than I might have given in the same position

It was a blessing for its time

A well, while we were in that place

And with the water running dry finally

Solid ground, earthen soil

I Promise I'll Write

You're Alive! You've Survived! Live!