Based in Sydney, Australia, Foundry is a blog by Rebecca Thao. Her posts explore modern architecture through photos and quotes by influential architects, engineers, and artists.

My Methods

He asked if I’m sure, or rather, what makes me think that I can be happy through my methods, and I wonder, ‘how much more of my self needs dismantling?’ Truly, I’m interested in what I want because I think I need it to survive or thrive or prove or show or establish or create or be or become or have or posses or hold on to or keep or maintain or minimize or control or separate or distinguish or mark or lord over or ‘help’ or answer or ‘teach’ or guide or ‘heal’ or lead or govern or answer or provide or make or improve or clean up or win or excel or grow or get better or be the best or be great or never suffer or never be poor or never have unanswered questions or be knowledgeable or be smart or capable or able or independent or self sufficient or take care of myself or take care of my family or take care of someone else or give to some cause or support or fund or fulfill some dogma or gain some support or gain some attention or be seen or be acknowledged or be remembered or be like Jesus or be like my mother or be like my father or continue a legacy or begin a new legacy or reclaim a lost narrative or honor my ancestors or bring the family together or make it right or give to the community or belong or be a part of or participate or show my face or keep my head up or keep reaching for the stars or have ambition or show that I’m trying or not fail / Truly, I’m interested in what I want because I think I need it to not fail.


Spiritually Bloated