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My Body To Me

Don’t worry

We’ll pack it away

And put it in places

So you won’t have to see it everyday

So you can carry on

Continue on

And keep on keeping on until you’re old enough

And big enough

Brave enough and

In love enough

Then you will peak behind the door

You will let the light in

We won’t move anything

So you can see what you survived

So you can open it up

Wait while the dust settles 

And when you’re ready

remove the covers

Examine what...

And decide

What can you repurpose


Give away because you got it but it wasn’t yours

Donate to a good cause

Etc etc etc

And some of the things

You’ll turn over in your hands and think

Wow it was so big to me 

In my child’s mind

And here it is diminutive

And other things

Will be like statues still crying tears of blood for what was lost

And yet other things 

Will be dull and charmless

Shaken in your hand

They’ll make no sweet sound

And many things

Will be shadows and paper dolls

Substanceless monsters 

The figures of dreams

When you consider how strong your heart is

After years carrying that closed room 

Found: A Name For My Desire

Sometimes More Often Than Not (2003)